My First Chain Drop with Wide-Narrow Chainring

So it happened. Yesterday I was riding my bike, encountered some terrain which was heavily tree-rooted, and the chain fell off. Wide-Narrow chainrings, such as one from Race Face I was using, are supposed to keep a chain from derailing. Of course, they do not guarantee that for 100% of the time. I am curious how often that would happen, especially one a bike without any chain-tensioning devices.

To commemorate the moment, and to collect statistics for future cases, I plan to write all such encounters down.

  1. 06.10.2016 — chain drop
  2. xx.12.2016 — chain drop (training wheelie)
  3. 05.01.2017 — chain drop (low speed)
  4. 20.01.2017 — chainged chainring to Truvativ 34 teeth
  5. 16.03.2017 — chain drop even with Deckas chain guide

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