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Incremental metrics provide most value to the development

Written by Grigory Rechistov in Uncategorized on 06.03.2023. Tags: tests, benchmarking, static analysis, incremental analysis,

Updated 2023-07-06

Recently I realized that there is a common pattern for many testing-like activities performed during daily development cycles. Many of them provide the biggest benefit if their results are reported in an incremental manner, i.e. against individual change requests, rather than against the whole code base.

Examples …

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Static program analysis

Written by Grigory Rechistov in Uncategorized on 29.10.2022. Tags: static analysis, compilation,


Static analysis (SA) happens when any partial execution of program code happens. That is, the code is treated as having different semantics, only partially matching what the compilation/interpretation (C/I) process is extracting from it.

Neither executable translation artifacts (object files and executables from compilation) nor behavioral effects …

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