The Ball at Dubna

Last weekend I finally managed to get to Dubna region. Here’s the GPS track.

There I visited a very strange place — a giant hollow sphere “dropped” in the woods at some distance from the town:


Russian Wikipedia article about the Ball gives some clues about where the Ball might have come from.

The place is very popular among young SUV owners, therefore the road segment leading to it is completely wasted:


And this is just the beginning for \~700 m of destructed soil. While I was there, about four cars were struggling to (not) drown in the road mud. Their drivers and passengers were happy to bring as much destruction as required in order to bring their four-wheelers to the place. And this was happening after a quite dry summer; one can only imagine what will happen if roads were wetter.

There were wiser people who got to the Ball and back by feet.

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